Donnerstag, Dezember 22, 2005

Tucholsky, Kurt +21.12.1935 

Tucholsky, Kurt +21.12.1935: "Heute ist Kurt Tucholskys 70. Todestag und im Radio h�re ich, es sei gar nicht soooo sicher ein Suizid gewesen. (Ich kannte nur diese Variante.)

Hin oder her, ich sag: ?Danke, Kurt Tucholsky? und bitte um eine Gedenkminute an den Bildschirmen.

Er war einer unserer Humorvollsten, Mutigsten und Gr��ten und wenn wir ein paar mehr Leute h�tten, die nur ein Zehntel Tucho w�ren, dann w�r das hier ein besseres Land. "

Zur�ck ins Jahr 1966 

Guter Beitrag:

"Vor zwei Wochen veranstaltete ich gemeinsam mit einer Freundin eine gro�e Party. Ein befreundetes Paar hatte ein originelles Mitbringsel f�r mich dabei: eine BRIGITTE aus dem Jahr 1966, das neue gro�e Partyheft. Gestern habe ich es durchgebl�ttert - und f�hlte..."

Dienstag, Dezember 20, 2005

Speeches are plates of spaghetti 

: "Because civilization is a barn we never finish raising     Speeches are plates of spaghetti, thrown at a wall. Some stuff sticks, some doesn't. The slide above, from my closing keynote at Syndicate, stuck with Mamutong, the blog of Nick Nichols, who lives in the Philippines and consults that country's energy sector. His practice (at that last link) is a blog too. He sources from all over the place, including Brian Millar (London) and Jeff Jarvis (New York).  Don Thorson sources the same point , adding,  The model used to be, you developed a product, froze it and shipped it and then immediately began work on the next product version. Today the model is, build it, ship it, improve it, ship it, � Or better yet, build it, ship it and let your customers improve it on their own. The company that can learn to build, listen, learn, integrate the fastest will have a sustaining advantage over their competitors.  Accordingly, marketers will come to understand that the story now needs to be liquid. They too, need to learn how to listen in order to be in the conversation about the product they are promoting. It's more about dialogue than proclamation.  Yep.   Onward and downward   Thanks to Hugh at Gapingvoid for the kind words. Also for the news that this here blog i"

Getting off first base 

Getting off first base:

"Two weeks after launching Google Base, things are still very hectic around here. We're learning from user feedback and working on improvements. What better time to inaugurate the Google Base blog and say hello? This is a place where we'll showcase interesting additions, announce updates, and answer some of your questions. (You might want to add it to your Google Reader.)

Even early on, we're very excited to see some interesting content appear, including links to satellite maps that have already been posted. My favorite queries over the past couple of days have been:

Events in san francisco
Cake recipes

We are experimenting with a navigation scheme that uses labels and attributes that help you easily perform searches such as [beef curry recipes that take less than 15 minutes] or [events happening this week in new york]. We will be tweaking this interface to try and improve it so we really appreciate getting your suggestions and feedback.

We also want to show you some of what's in Google Base on other Google properties. For example, we just announced a feature on Froogle that allows shoppers to search locally. Besides searching for deals from online merchants, now you can search across the inventory of nearby brick and mortar stores and see the results overlaid on a map. To see this at work, check out these queries:

Montag, Dezember 19, 2005

WordPress Blogmap 

Tolle Technologie

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